Even if Jasmin Moore’s eco-agenda was limited to making central Arkansas more bike friendly, she’d still deserve praise. Her environmental efforts go well beyond that, however, as she’s the public outreach coordinator and planner for Metroplan in Little Rock and an active member of the Little Rock Sustainability Commission.

She’s made her mark on regional sustainability via these organizations. For instance, “Many people suggested that we improve biking options,” Moore said. “Now, Metroplan has a bicycle master plan for the region and works with local governments to plan and create bike lanes and routes.”

This is something Moore was happy to oblige, as it’s her opinion that biking can make central Arkansas a healthier community. “I was passionate about healthy communities and made the connection that a healthy community depends on a healthy environment. Improving air quality is dependent on reducing traffic congestion and producing clean energy.” And bicycling is just one way to accomplish this.

“Transportation costs can eat up more than one-fourth of many household budgets, and most of that money is leaving the local economy,” she said. “Creating a transportation system that gives people choices about how they get around is one green action that can improve the economic and environmental health of the region.”

This mindset is driving Metroplan, and Moore, to transform the region into a greener, healthier place to live. “Central Arkansas is unique in that we have assets like trail systems and bridges for walking and biking,” she said. “We have an opportunity to improve the transportation system, and make central Arkansas a destination for sustainability.”