Arkansas Green Guide

It's Earth Day! 5 Ways to Love the Planet

Earth Day is a time to make your life and the planet a better place. Here are five things you can do this week to honor the planet, form new habits and improve our fair state and the world.

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Inside Arkansas Green Guide 2014

Click on the link to the left and get started with ways to save your world, profiles of Arkansas Eco-Heroes and even how you can save not just energy, but dollars where you work.

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Fayetteville’s P3 Waste Consulting Makes it Easy to Be Green

A certain celebrity frog once sang of hardships. It ain’t easy being green, the chief Muppet lamented. Kermit the Frog obviously never met Aaron Stahl, whose P3 Waste Consulting of Fayetteville makes it easy for businesses to be green. Profitable, even.

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Eco-Hero: Brad Audrain, Co-owner Green Cab Co., Fayetteville

The color yellow may be synonymous with the taxis you’re used to, but in northwest Arkansas, the cabs have gone green. Well, at least Brad Audrain’s have.

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Why Buying Local is a Good Thing

Buy local. Shop small. Support Arkansas farmers. You’re hearing this call to action with regular consistency these days, and you should be. It’s likely you’ve bought a few local ingredients here and there, or patronize a community-minded business whose wares are sourced from local craftsmen, but is that by accident or by choice? Either way, your purchase of local goods—locally grown food, in particular—is good thing. In fact, it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself and your community. So keep it up. Here’s why:

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